Woman confronts pastor

Woman Stands Up In Middle Of Service To Accuse Pastor Of Having Affair With Daughter

Oct 12, 2017 by HelloChristian Staff

In a dramatic incident caught on tape, a woman has stood up during a Church service and publicly accused the pastor of having an affair with her daughter. The allegations were made against Billy Walker, pastor of Word Fellowship Baptist Church in Prentiss, Mississippi.

"I'm a mother, that's my child. No mother in this church would do what I'm doing for my baby," the woman said.

'Three years you've been messing with her. And I know about it.'

According to the woman, the pastor had called the police on the daughter after she confronted him about him having another woman on the side.

"After all this time you're going to press charges against her," the woman, shouts.

"And it took her to catch you with another woman of the church for her to finally get mad."

The Church is yet to comment on the incident. 

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