Jim Wallis


Oct 23, 2017 by Will Maule

Jim Wallis: “America First” Is A Theologically Heretical Statement

Sojo magazine founder and liberal commentator Jim Wallis has asserted his belief that President Trump's political ethos of 'America First' is in complete contradiction to the Christian faith. 

"Trump is the natural conclusion to how the religious right movement began, and what it has become," Wallis writes at Sojo. "When it comes to this movement, the operative word is clearly not “religious” (or even “Christian”), but “right.” (And for the vast majority of “values voters” who are white Christians, the operative word is not “Christian” but “white.”)"

Then, a word on Trump's nationalist slogan 'America first.'

"Let’s be clear. “America First” is not just a political statement — it is a theologically heretical statement," writes Wallis. "The body of Christ is the most international and racially diverse community on the planet, in keeping with the teachings of Jesus' gospel."

"Donald Trump is the consummate worshipper of money, sex, and power — to which Christian history has always tried to provide an alternative. Trump literally embodies what Christian ethics and history have been against — and all for a political deal with the religious right."

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