Pastor Shane Idleman


Oct 23, 2017 by HelloChristian Staff

Pastor Boldly Presents The Gospel On Fox News

Can you be moral without God? Do you need to have religion to be a good person? Where does morality come from? These were the questions put to pastor Shane Idleman on Fox News recently, and he gave a brilliant answer, presenting the gospel with clarity and conviction. 

"How do you gauge good? You gauge good by morality. If there's a good there's an evil," says pastor Idleman. "You have to have God to define good. It is possible to do good things, but at the same time you can't divorce what actually is good from God, when we look at the Biblical definition of good."

"We are seeing culture drift away from God," Idleman asserts. "From a Biblical perspective, we know that there are none that are good if we are talking about measuring up against God's standards."

"Sin is not having the capacity to be in right relationship with God. Christ, the cross and redemption bridges that gap so we can stand in righteousness before God."

"All have sinned and fallen short. It is to be in rebellion against God." 

"That's the whole point of Christ and the cross, needing that redemption and that salvation."

Watch Shane talk more about this on Fox below. 

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