Oct 24, 2017 by Will Maule

Steve Harvey Opens Up About His Faith In Candid New Video

TV personality Steve Harvey has opened up about the Christian faith in a new video posted to his Facebook page. Taken on a Sunday afternoon, the footage shows Harvey relaxed and talking openly about having a personal relationship with God. 

"If you honor God, God gives you grace and faith. You can't purchase grace or faith. He gives it out to whoever he wants to have it," Steve says. 

"You can do some things to get more of it," he adds. 

Gratitude and honor. If you're grateful, he'll give you more things to be grateful for. If you honor him and give him credit. If you give him the praise and the honor, he'll do things for you that you can't even explain." 

"He'll reveal stuff to you that you would never know. He'll show you things that your eyes can't see."

Watch Steve talk below. 

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